Canadian Man Held In Custody Until Swallowed Diamond Passes Through System

Canadian Richard Matthews, 52, is being held in custody by police in Windsor, Canada until the $20,000 diamond they believe he swallowed comes out the other side!

It is alleged that he took the 1.7 carat jewel from Precision Jewelers in Ontario, where he switched it with a fake and swallowed the real one in an attempt to conceal it.
This happened over a week ago, and though Matthews has been fed fibre rich foods for the duration the precious stone is still yet to make an appearance despite the fact that they guy has been in and out of the toilet all week.

Apparently he is cooperating with police over the incident. He has been charged with theft and breach of court conditions and is also wanted in connection with outstanding warrants in Toronto.
According to the BBC News report about the incident, the man is eager for the ordeal to be over…No shit Sherlock, I bet this experience will make him think twice about ingesting precious shiny things from now on, no matter how much money they are worth.

I know that there are a lot of extremes that criminals go to get their hands on the sparkly expensive items, but swallowing one? You’ve got to be kidding me?!?

I’m sorry, but this guy is definitely joining my list of dumb criminals, although he’s probably not quite as high up as the heroin stuffed teddy bear couple and the guy who left his Facebook account open at the internet café that he robbed!

The other thing that makes me wonder is who in the hell is going to want to buy that diamond if they find out that it spent more than a week floating around in the bowels of thief before exiting in his poop. It’s not really the kind of place you’d want your $20,000 diamond to have been before you forked out that much for it!

I also don’t envy the poor officer who has go rooting around through the poop to find the diamond!

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