Camera-Shy Kitten Doesn’t Want To Eat On Camera

Not everyone likes eating on camera and who could blame them. There’s a lot to worry about; an unsightly globule of food getting stuck between your teeth per se, or spilling it on your shirt, lap, pants, significant other, etc.

It seems like the cat in this YouTube video posted by mihaifrancu doesn’t much fancy being recorded as she tries to chow down either. First she gives the person behind the camera a hilariously brilliant death stare and then takes matters into her own claws and dragging her dinner tray out of sight.

Although maybe the cat isn’t so bothered about being recorded whilst eating, but is perhaps more disturbed and threatened by the fact that the strange creature behind the camera might try to steal some of her kippers! Either way, watching her cleverly orchestrated escape and fantastically unimpressed expression is great!

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