Camera-Loving Hound Photobombs Every Pic In Craigslist Apartment Advert

Dog Photobombs
Check out these pictures of a 2 bedroom Lakeview East apartment in Chicago that was advertized on Craigslist. The current owner’s camera-loving canine manages somewhat indiscreetly to photobomb every single picture of the apartment that was uploaded. Peering behind a cabinet in the kitchen, looking like he has dropped a secret turd for his owner to discover in the dead of the night, then appearing again from behind beds and other furniture around the place.

It’s hard to imagine that the apartment owner didn’t notice his/her dog’s not so subtle photobombs, but then maybe they were hoping to market the apartment to animal lovers!

Dog Photobombs1

Dog Photobombs2

Dog Photobombs3

Dog Photobombs4

Dog Photobombs5
Disclaimer: We do not think the dog is including in the $1900 asking price for the apartment.

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