Camera Lost In The Ocean Discovered 6 Years Later & 5,000 Miles Away – Now Reunited With Owner

Back in 2007, Georgia-based photographer Lindsay Scallan lost her trusty Canon PowerShot digital camera during a night dive off the coast of Maui, Hawaii. After all this time, she never imagined that she’d get the camera or the many photographs on the memory card back, but it has happened!!

The camera was discovered 6 years later and more than 5,000 miles from where it was lost, in Taiwan by a China Airlines employee! Luckily the camera was in a waterproof case and all the photographs on the memory card were salvaged.

Hawaii News Now reported on the unusual discovery and the pictures were posted on the Hawaii News Now Facebook page. Moved to try and find the owner of the lost camera, fans of the page kept sharing the images until one of Lindsey’s high school friends recognized her and tipped the TV show off!

As if discovering her long-lost camera and photos wasn’t an amazing enough occurrence, Lindsay has also been offered an expensive paid trip to Taiwan from China Airlines to go and pick it up! She said she was expecting to have it posted to her, or have the pictures emailed and was blown away by the generous offer to go and pick it up in person. What an incredibly story!






Do you reckon if I “lost” my camera, China Airlines would find it and offer me an all expenses paid trip to go and get it?

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