Camera Lens Mugs

Are you in need of a new mug to drink your cup of Joe from every morning? In desperate search of a travel mug to hold your tea as you make your early morning route to work, school, or any other important appointments? Or maybe you’d just like a fun mug to keep around the house for any occasion. Well look no further, because here are some absolutely marvelous mugs in the shape of camera lenses!

These Canon lens coffee mugs are currently available over at (along with a slew of other amazing camera specific/shaped items, perfect for any photography geek). The short black mug (11 oz) is running at $24, and the tall white mug (16 oz) is running at $30. What’s more, these camera mugs are cited as easy to clean and heat preserving, with stainless steel lining. These coffee mugs are sure to not only make you look cool, but the envy of everyone in your office.

But oh no! You’re a Nikon kind of person and refuse to ever be seen with a Canon product (even if it’s not an actual working lens)? Don’t sweat it. There creator’s also offer two black Nikon mugs, ranging from $30 (10 oz) to $35 (16oz) a pop.

So go on and let your inner shutterbug run free and get yourself a camera lens mug!

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