Adam Brown Gifts the World with a Calvin and Hobbes Animation

The chances of us ever seeing a full length animated Calvin and Hobbes cartoon aren’t very good. Watterson, who retired the comic strip in 1995, has refused to license his characters, making it so that they will forever stay in the comic format and never appear elsewhere. So this might be the one true taste we get of what a (really good) Calvin and Hobbes animation would look like.

Created by animator Adam Brown, he was able to bring the two main characters to life in one of the most well known Calvin and Hobbes strips in this twenty-eight second video. He explains in a youtube comment that he used “flash to trace and animate the comic, and some simple Photoshop and After Effects for the background.” The final product is wonderful. He keeps it simple by choosing a strip where Calvin doesn’t speak, and simply lets the animation be the central focus of the video. It’s sure to make anyone feel nostalgic who grew up reading about the trouble-making boy and his stuffed tiger.

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