Californian Martial Arts Fighter To Stand Trial For Brutal Murder Of Sparring Partner

Jarrod Wyatt murder trialIn another real-life story of bloodthirsty horror and woe, Buzz Patrol can tell you that mixed martial arts fighter Jarrod Wyatt, 27, has been declared competent to stand trial for the horrific murder of his friend and sparring partner Taylor Powell, 21, by Del Norte County Judge William Follett.

On March 21st 2010, authorities arrived at a house nearby the mouth of the Klamath River, it was there that they found Powell lying dead on the couch, his chest had been opened and his heart, eyeballs and tongue had been cut out. He had been so severely mutilated that he was almost unrecognizable!

The skin from his face had also been removed. Wyatt was at the scene of the crime and covered in Powell’s blood, he admitted to murdering his friend and authorities found the charred heart in a wood burning stove at the address.

It doesn’t get much grimmer than this! Or does it…An autopsy later revealed that Powell’s organs had been ripped out while he was alive, one can only imagine the kind of pain that he experienced. It sounds more like a fictional ‘finish him’ scene from the computer game Mortal Kombat than anything you’d expect to actually happen!

Witness reports state that Powell and Wyatt had consumed hallucinogenic mushrooms on that fateful day and seemed to believe that they were caught up in some sort of battle between God and the devil. Several news reports have claimed that in his hallucination, Wyatt believed that killing Powell was the only way to rid the world of devil’s evil…I kid you not, this shit is for real!

Judge Follett suspended in January after psychiatric evaluations found that Wyatt was not competent for trial because he failed to understand court proceedings. But his condition has improved recently and a new date for the trial, where Wyatt will face a murder and torture charges, has been set for 10th September 2012.

He is pleading not guilty by reason of insanity… Ermmm, do ya think? I reckon this might be one case where you can’t feasibly accuse the defendant of trying to use the insanity plea to get out of going to jail!

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