Cake’s So Gruesomely Horrible You Won’t Want To Eat Them

The Helpers cake2

Cake artists Miss Cakehead were recently commissioned to play their part in the launch of the horror movie The Helpers by Koch Media.

This involved creating some gruesomely disturbing cakes and cocktails inspired by the 2012 horror movie that sees a group of friends stumble upon a murderous trio in an off-the-beaten-track motel.

There are some incredibly horrible masterpieces in the collection that was made for The Helpers launch, the scarily realistic-looking amputated head probably being the most gruesome of the lot.

Usually, the problem I find with awesomely artistic cake pieces like the numerous Star Wars, LOTR or BTTF ones that I frequently stumble across, is that you feel bad destroying the artwork when it comes round to eating them. Well that won’t be a problem in this case, because these cakes are so entirely gross that they will turn your stomach so much you won’t want to eat them!

The Helpers cake1

The Helpers cake

Source: Evil Cake Head

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