Cab Roulette: New Web Series Where Comedian Dan Speiser Interviews NYC Cab Drivers

Anyone who regularly gets taxi cabs will know that sometimes it can feel a bit like Russian Roulette – because you never know what kind of driver you are going to end up with.

There are so many different types of people that you could end up trapped in an enclosed moving metal container with – as well as some really sound, loveable, inoffensive types, you could get the incessant talker, the silent-type, the creepazoid (possibly the worst one), the preacher, or the con-man, to name but a few.

Comedian Dan Speiser decided to explore the range of personalities that sit at the helm of N.Y.Cs cabs in a new web series entitled ‘Cab Roulette’ which is presented by ANIMAL New York.

In the first short featured here, Speiser interviews a cabbie named Abdulai who originally hails from Senegal, who Speiser believes is such a nice guy that he could be an illegitimate son of Mahatma Gandhi!

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