Buy A Book Store & Get A Free Cat!!

In today’s highly competitive market, when you are trying to sell stuff, it often works in your favor to add a sweetener to the deal. You know the kind of thing I mean, free vacuum cleaner bags when you buy the vacuum cleaner, a free tie when you buy a shirt. Things that usually go together, that you would probably have to purchase anyway, if they weren’t being so kindly gifted to you by the retailer as part of the deal.

In a somewhat strange addition to a sale, the owner of Jinx Books in Fulton is looking to sell the store for $25,000 and is throwing in a free cat. We don’t actually think she is throwing the cat, so animal rights activists need not be alarmed.

Kathryn Wade has owned Jinx Books for 4.5 years, but has worked there for 9 and feels that the time has come for her to hang up her books and retire.

The store cat, Jinx Jr. or J.J as he is known to his friends, is something of a local hero and is well-loved by the local community. Wade said that before she put the store up for sale, she began telling people that the cat was on sale for $25,000 and it became a bit of joke amongst customers and locals.

The store, which used to be called Book Express, has been around for 12 years serving the needs of local book worms. Wade said she wants to keep the store going and the sale includes the store inventory of more than 1,000 books. The shop front itself is rented.

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