Burning Man’s Infamous ROCKBOX Car Art Up For Grabs On Craigslist

Check out this awesome giant retro boombox car art that is up for sale on Craigslist. The insane vehicle called “ROCKBOX” looks like an old school ghettoblaster (only much bigger) and is being advertised in Mendocino, California. It was created by Derek Wunder and is described as a “well respected vehicle in the burning man community”. It is also the star of numerous YouTube videos and it is highly unlikely that anyone who has come across this unusual vehicle will forget it!

It was constructed on a 1 ton 1987 automatic Dodge van and can carry approximately 50 people when both floors are loaded. It boasts a number of unique features like a 10kw onboard generator, inbuilt DJ decks, a rotating LED beacon antennae and dazzling exterior LED lighting to name but a few. The ROCKBOX’s sound system is sold separately and it requires a 1 ton diesel truck or larger for transportation.

ROCKBOX at Burning Man 2011:

…and at night:

Source: Laughing Squid

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