Build Your Own Timey-Wimey Tardis Bookcase

Do you need to pass the time as you anxiously anticipate the upcoming seventh series of Doctor Who? What better way to put that time to good use than to make a Tardis bookcase of your own? It may seem like a hefty project to tackle, but lucky for you the Alantronics Tumblr has provided detailed instructions on how to go about building yourself one of these puppies that even the most novice craftsman can follow.

Not only will it make you feel accomplished and give you a sense of pride, but it’s sure to make any room of your house far more Fantastic, Brilliant, and Cool, as the Doctor would say.

The creator, Alan Kwok, makes sure to go into great detail about the quantity of supplies you will need, the purpose of every item, and exactly what attaches to where. He includes several drawings of how the process should look as you go along, which is handy if you’re anything like me and can barely assemble a lego set on your own.

There are also plenty of pictures of the actual bookshelf provided, which shows each steps of the process. These pictures will assure you that your Tardis bookcase is on the right track as you build it (or to alert you that you are terribly off and need to back track ASAP).

Kwok states that the project takes about $60 and fifteen hours to complete (the time length is due to all the hours you’ll need to wait for paint and wood glue to set), but from the looks of the final product your time and money will be well worth it in the end. So go ahead and give your books a new and exciting home in a Tardis bookcase, for all your future timey-wimey adventures in reading.

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