Brutally Honest Twilight Trailer By Screen Junkies – Possibly The Best Thing About The Whole Saga!

If you have friends that have been bugging you to go the cinema with them to see the latest Twilight film “Breaking Dawn Part 2” and your response of “I would rather gouge my own eyes out with a spoon” is not getting the message across, maybe you should try showing them this Screen Junkies trailer.

It is a brilliantly funny and brutally honest summary of the Twilight Saga movies to date, as the narrator states the blockbuster franchise that “all intelligent people avoid”!

The trailer points out the many numerous flaws in the trilogy, the incessant 3-ways stares, the tragically uneventful storylines, the bitterly disappointing fight scenes and the pointless flashbacks for unimportant characters. If you love to hate Twilight and its silly sparkly vampires, like so many of us do, then you will you love this trailer!

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