Brotherhood Workshop Do The Battle Of Helm’s Deep In Lego Stop Motion

How different would the turn out of the LOTR epic battle of Helm’s Deep have been if mighty elvish warrior Legolas spent the whole fight hunting high and low for a box for his dwarf buddy Gimli to stand on?

Those mighty fellows at the Brotherhood Workshop, who brought us the awesome “A Lego Hobbit Halloween”, have answered this question in this short Lego stop motion clip! It appears that things would have ended very differently indeed!

The Lego Battle of Helm’s Deep is part of the Machinima Interactive Film Festival and featured Legolas having an awful blonde moment, failing to assist Aragorn at key points in this gargantuan battle against the full fury of forces of Isengard. Instead Legolas has concerned himself with finding a box for Gimli to stand on, so the vertically challenged, axe-wielding dwarf can see what the hell is going on.

Also, for some reason that I am not quite sure of, Star Wars favorite Chewbacca makes a cameo appearance. According to the Brotherhood Workshop, he appears several times on both sides of the conflict. I only managed to spot him twice – how many times can you see him?

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