British MoD Appeals For Information After Two Men Pictured Carrying “Unexploded Bombs”


The British Ministry of Defense has appealed to the public for information after a bystander captured this image of two men walking around carrying “unexploded bombs” on their shoulders. They have appealed to the men in the picture, or anyone with information about their identities to come forward so that these potentially dangerous weapons can be safely diffused!

The photograph was taken by a woman who did not wish to be named, at a location between Worbarrow Bay and Tyneham. The woman said that the men were walking casually along and that she feared for the safety of her young daughter. She said,

I thought they were carrying rugs, but as they walked past, I saw they were enormous shells. I was really scared. As they were walking past, my little girl was alongside them. They could have gone on the Sandbanks Ferry or on the motorway. I just think they’re idiots.

It has been said by several experts that the 120-millimeter tank shells are remnants from the cold war and the MoD has said that it is difficult to ascertain from the photograph whether they were live or not.

The woman, who took the snapshot however, seemed to think that they were however, she stated,

I was with somebody who used to be in the Army and he said that because their ends were intact, they were unexploded.

The area near where the men were spotted with the shells casually strewn over their shoulders is used by the army for ammunition training.

It is has been speculated that the men may have found the 2ft shells washed up on Warbarrow Bay, which is part of the 7,000-acre Lulworth Military Range, which is used by the British Army for tank firing training and practice. It is thought that the pair may attempt to sell the bombs for scrap metal.

A MoD spokesman said that the shells were probably fired from a Chieftain Tank or a Wombat anti-tank rifle that was used by the army throughout the 70s and 80s. The spokesman urged anyone with information to contact them immediately and said,

The MoD takes the safety of the public extremely seriously and all pathways at Lulworth Ranges that are open to the public are cleared of military debris, including shells, before access is permitted… The MoD urges public using the ranges to keep to the designated pathways and be advised that it is extremely dangerous to touch any military material they may find. These shells are not something anyone should be picking up.

Sources: Metro and Daily Mail

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