Bring Some Bling To Christmas With Gold Tree Worth $4.2 Million

Those of you wanting to bring some bling to your festive season might be interested in this revolving gold Christmas “tree” which is covered in infamous Disney characters like Tinker Bell, Cinderella and Mickey Mouse.

You might have to rob a bank or get a loan secured against your house (and all your friend’s houses) to get your hands on it though, because this particular decoration will cost you something in the region of $4.2 million (350 million yen)!!

It took 10 craftsmen 2 months to complete and stands nearly 8ft tall. It was made using 40kg (88 pounds) of pure gold and is decorated with gold plate silhouette cutouts of 50 of Disney favorites. If that wasn’t quite enough gold for you, it is also draped with ribbons made from gold leaf.

It is on sale in downtown Tokyo jewelers Ginza Tanaka and there are also smaller versions of the tree which feature 20 Disney characters and stand at a height of 25cm on sale for a more affordable $243,000 (2 million yen). Still, the piggy bank is not really going to cut it…

Tomoko Ishibashi, from the marketing department of Tanaka Kikinzoku (which runs the store) said it was actually a good deal. She said; “Right now gold is over 4,400 yen per gram. We used pure gold and had an expert craftsman form each Disney character by hand.”
But I think that this might be one “deal” that the majority of us will have to pass up on!!

Ishibashi said that while there has yet to be a serious offer on the large tree, the smaller version has already found some buyers!

The stunning tree caused quite a stir in the Tokyo store, with customers gathering round to admire the vivid gold, delicately crafted decoration.

For those of you who want a tree like this in your home, but cannot afford it you could always try making your own. I guess it wouldn’t be too difficult to cut the shape of a tree out of cardboard, print images of your favorite Disney characters out from the internet, stick them to slightly thinner cardboard and carefully cut them out. Then all you’d need to do is glue them to the tree and then spray with gold metallic paint. I reckon you could probably make a homemade version for less than $10.

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