Brilliant Excerpt From The Diary Of A Fifth Grade Punk!


This brilliant diary entry was posted by Indiana high school senior Taylor Ruth on her Tumblr Hanging Rock Comics.
With beautiful childlike innocence Ruth describes her first encounter with music of the more subversive variety, CDs that she had to lie about her age to check out of the library, which as she states, is ok because “lying does not count at the library”!

The entry fantastically captures the way in which music can open our eyes to the world around us and clearly helps this young girl to tap into the huge punk lying dormant in her soul!

From this collection of punk music, Ruth deduces that many singers do not like “the man” and even though she’s not really sure who this is, she has come to the conclusion that she doesn’t like him either. You’ve got to love her musings as to whom “the man” might be!

Concluding the entry, she says, “so far I think that I am more punk than anyone else I have met in life” and you would have to agree with her.

This reminds me of the sort of stuff I would write in my diaries when I was that age and I’m sure many of you will also be able to identify with it too.

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