Brian Doom’s Rubik’s Cube For The Blind

I’m not really one of those people who gets super excited about Rubik’s cubes. I’m way more art, mess and creativity than logic and math! I had one when I was a kid and it caused me no end of disappointment, because I could never bloody solve the thing!

Despite the unhappy memories I harbor, I can understand why they mean so much to the mathy kids who like to bang on about how they solved it in 8.6 seconds or whatever. Now thanks to some ingenious modifications from Brian Doom, blind kinds (and those colorblind folk) can join in the Rubik’s fun.

Doom’s tactile Rubik’s Cube has the various colors augmented with textured objects like screws, felt, DYMO labels and wooden knobs so that visually impaired users can feel the difference.
Of course he could have just chosen to use brail to write the names of the colors on the squares, but that would have been much less fun and nowhere near as cool.

Just make sure you don’t leave Doom’s cube lying around on the floor because it looks like it would be a total and utter bitch to tread on – it might even usurp LEGO as the biggest enemy to bare feet in the land!

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  • ka

    His website says:

    “Note that if I had used a simple braille solution with the labeller, the result is quite unusable – a single turn and a given braille character is read as a different letter, if it isn’t already sideways. And reading braille backwards on the reverse of a cube… tricky.”