I Am the One Who Bakes: Breaking Bad Cupcakes

Walter White may be the danger, but don’t let that stop you from making these dangerously delicious Breaking Bad cupcakes.

RenDuH on Craftster shared the process for these amazing Breaking Bad cupcakes back in November of 2011. Don’t worry! No meth required to enjoy these savory desserts!

The creator and her boyfriend had a fun time devising this recipe, though because they made the cupcakes on a whim they pulled multiple recipes from different locations, none of which she shares on her site. She states how they “[googled] recipes for hard candy” and “used a [cupcake] recipe from a cook book”, and the two simply bought their frosting from a store.

While RenDuH does not provide the specific recipes she used, don’t let that discourage you. There’s already plenty of information there to help you bake your own batch of (meth free) cupcakes.

She explains how “any recipe for a vanilla cupcake would work” for this baking project, so now’s a perfect time to pull out the ol’ cookbook. Don’t own a cookbook? No problem. That’s what the internet is for. Here’s a great recipe I found doing a simple Google search, and I can guarantee there are hundreds more where that came from. Hard candy, though a little more of a challenge to make, can be done by following any recipe like this one. Instead of pouring your sugary liquid into a jar, follow RenDuH’s instructions of pouring it onto a baking sheet to break it apart. Don’t forget the blue food dye!

As for the frosting, well, you could follow suit and go with the store bought option, or you could make your own. Again, there are literally hundreds of recipes thanks to the magic of the Google search engine. This is what Pinterest was created for, folks.

RenDuH also offers instructions on how to give the cupcakes a marshmallow filling, which you could either choose to follow or neglect. I guess it depends on your personal opinion of marshmallows.

Voilà! Some tasty treats to devour as you fret over how Jesse and Walt are going to get away with their weekly shenanigans! Be warned: unlike Walter’s amazing blue meth, your cupcake toppers might be a little morechallenging to intake. According to RenDuH, the hard candy is “more for decoration than for practicality”, so keep that in mind when chomping down on your food.

Other than that, you are all set with your very own Breaking Bad cupcakes to eat and share with the world!

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