“Break So Bad” Chinese Rip Off Version Of Hit AMC Series

Check out this brilliantly bad Chinese bootleg version of AMC’s hit series Breaking Bad. My poor little mind hurts just looking at this.

I mean, they’ve got Bryan Cranston on the front, but clearly, they’ve nabbed images of Cranston from his Malcolm in the Middle days and labeled the show as “Danger Funny!” Does that mean, watch out this show is soooo funny it’s dangerous because you might pee your pants laughing? Or something totally different, honestly I’m discombobulated by the whole thing!

It’s also labeled as season 5, the second part of which hasn’t even completely aired on AMC yet – well that might be one reason to want to watch this. Maybe it was these Chinese bootleggers that found the script stolen from Cranston’s car a little while back and they’ve attempted to film the end of the series themselves?

To add further confusion to the mix, the English description on the cover states, “With the cancerous concern lonely man must use chemistry skill in making most potent of drugs methamphetamine. Danger and serious threat comes to man’s family to bring his to life to serious impact.” Eloquently put indeed.

So peeps, do we want to watch this or burn it? Leave a comment and let us know!

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