Old School Tactics Win: Brave Cop Stops Car Thief With A Bazooka & Some Acrobatics

This video of a car thief being pursued by some cops is proof that sometimes things were way better in the old days!

Unfortunately we don’t know what country it is in or when it was taken, we can just tell that it was a few years ago. We know it’s a place where steering wheels are on the right and where cops are allowed to use bazookas against suspects but that’s about all the info we’ve got!

You have to admit that it is rather nifty watching this brave copper shoot his bazooka at the stolen truck he is in pursuit of and when that doesn’t convince the perp to turn himself in, the cop takes matters into his own hands.

Looking like it could be a scene from a 70s gangster movie our heroic law enforcement officer leaps into the truck from the cop car and proceeds to boot the suspect out of the vehicle into the street. 

We can’t really see what the officer in question looks like, so I’d like to think that it is Chuck Norris on vacation! I don’t think this criminal will try and run from the cops again for a very long while.

Do you know what country it happened in, if you do, leave a comment and let us know! We are dying to find out!

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