Bradford’s Batman Unmasked – Truth Is Bitterly Disappointing

Those of you who read the story about the person dressed as Batman who dropped a man wanted for questioning into a Bradford police station and said “I’ve caught this one for you” before vanishing into the night and dreamed that perhaps the UK had its very own crime fighting multi-millionaire superhero vigilante, will be bitterly disappointed.

The British media speculated that it might have been a celebrity, with TV illusionist Dynamo top of the list, while others mused that it might have been a local politician doing his bit to clear up the Bradford streets…

When I heard about the story, I let my imagination run wild – maybe we had our very own Dark Knight, someone we could admire, trust and respect. But alas it wasn’t to be.

Stan Worby
The British Batman’s identity has been revealed and it turns out that he’s not a vigilante or a crime fighter, but simply, Stan Worby, 39, a delivery driver who gave his friend a lift to the police station whilst he happened to be wearing a Batman costume.
As it happens, the dude wanted for questioning, Danny Frayne, 27, had actually decided to turn himself into the police and called his buddy Stan and asked for ride to the station.

When Frayne rang Worby he was actually in fancy dress for the Capital One Final football match between Bradford and Swansea in London, but promised his buddy he would do the honorable thing and drop him to the police station once he got back, which he did.

Worby said:

“It was a joke at the end of the day and Danny wanted to go to the police station. I had spoken to Danny during the week and tried to knock some sense into him. It was getting on my nerves having police round all the time asking for him or his whereabouts…Danny’s a good friend of mine and I’ve known him for 15 years or so. Who knows if I’ll be doing some more crime-fighting in the future?”

Ah well, sometimes truth isn’t stranger than fiction and I guess this is just one of those occasions.

Source: Telegraph

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