Bradford’s Batman Failed At Being A Superhero – Now Caught Trying To Be A Super Villain

Back in March, Britain went a teeny bit giddy because for a little while, we thought we had our very own Batman! A man, dressed in a Batman costume dropped a wanted man into a Bradford police station and then vanished into the dead of the night.

A media frenzy ensued as everyone tried to find out the identity of our caped do-gooder, the bookies were even taking bets as to which celebrity might be lurking behind the mask. Eventually however, when the truth did emerge (a day or so later) it turned out to be bitterly disappointing.

Bradford’s Batman turned out to be Chinese takeaway delivery driver Stan Worby, 39. He wasn’t really a do-gooder, but simply gave his mate Daniel Frayne, 27, a lift to the police station where he was wanted for questioning. Frayne turned himself in, Worby just drove him there…

As if the unceremonious unmasking wasn’t bad enough to shatter the hopes and dreams of all those who had actually believed (even for a split-second) that Bradford had its very own crime-fighting superhero, now it turns out that Worby might actually be a supervillain instead.

Ok, so calling him a supervillain might be a bit of a stretch – as stealing an electric screwdriver is hardly going to get him hired as one of Bane’s henchmen, but he has been accused of carrying out a burglary with none other Daniel Frayne, the buddy he dropped to the cop shop in the Batman cossy.

Police stopped a vehicle with our duo in at 4am on Sunday morning. They were arrested and charged with stealing £770 worth of power tools from a garage in Bradford. Frayne pleaded not guilty at a Magistrates Court on Monday and was released on bail. He will appear in court with Worby on April 26th.

Given the media attention Worby’s rather menial (alleged) crime has gotten because of his previous capers, I bet he’s wishing he hadn’t gone to the police station in his Batman outfit now!

Meh, serves him right for playing with our emotions like that!

Source: Telegraph

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