Book Hedgehogs Transformed Into The Avengers!!

These fabulous Avengers-inspired book hedgehogs were created by Librarian and former Eisner Award Judge Robin Brenner in honor of her school’s anime/manga club

Brenner had a collection of old graphic novels that were so worn and torn that they were about to be condemned to the recycling bin, but instead of seeing them pulped to become toilet paper, Brenner gave them a new lease of life as Avengers hedgehogs!

What better way to decorate or keep safe your library (or collection of magical books that hold the answers to the universe) than with a bunch of superhero book hedgehogs – with a couple of the baddies thrown in to keep them on their tippy-toes.

You’ve got pretty much the whole cast, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye (how cute is his little bow), the Hulk, Nick Fury, Agent Coulson and Loki to keep them all busy!

Source: Cut Out And Keep

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