Black & White Cat Called Morris Running For Mayor Of Xalapa, Mexico!

It is regularly reported that Mexico has something of a problem with corrupt politicians and so as part of a protest against these people who come into office and fail to deliver on any of their promises to the electorate, take bribes and are generally just out for personal gain, two students in Mexico decided that it was time for a change.

To make a point about the rife corruption and politicians’ failure to deliver their promises to the public, the students have nominated a black-and-white cat named Morris to run for mayor in the city of Xalapa! Xalapa’s Mayor will be elected on 7th July and so far, Morris is easily the most popular candidate!

Morris’ campaign staff have assured the people of Xalapa that he will fulfill all of his promises, which center primarily around eating and sleeping. In Mexico, corrupt politicians are often referred to as “rats”, so part of Morris’ campaign strategy is that he is the only one that has the power to “rid the city of rats”!

As you might expect, (him being a cute cat and all) Morris’ campaign soon went viral and he has already amassed more than 100,000 Facebook fans, which is approximately 5 times more than any of the humans in the running for Mayor!

Unfortunately however, this is something of a tragic tail, because no matter how popular Morris proves to be with the people, he is not technically allowed in the running. His name won’t be on the ballot paper, though his campaign staff have encouraged people to write it or draw a picture of the kitteh, officials have stated that votes for Morris will not be counted!

Morris’ team refuse to let this get to them however, proudly declaring that the more he is attacked by the powers that be, the more important he will become!!

I guess all that’s left to say is Morris for Mayor!!

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