Björk Cancels Kickstarter for Biophilia App Android/Windows Versions Citing “Gigantic” Costs


Björk has cancelled the Kickstarter project intended to raise the funds necessary to get Android/Windows 8 versions of her Biophilia app off the ground.

The Biophilia app works in conjunction with Björk’s album of the same name and features a mini-app for each of the 10 songs on the album. It is being used as part of the Biophilia Educational Program but so far is only available for iOS products. Björk said she was compelled to launch the Kickstarter project for the Android/Windows version of the app after receiving several requests from families on low incomes or educational institutes operating on small budgets.

The Kickstarter project was scheduled to come to an end on 27th February and had raised £15,370 of its £375,000 target, however the eccentric Icelandic singer decided to pull the plug.

In a message to the backers who had already pledged their support to the project, she explains her reasons for cancelling the project stating; “Seems like the costs were too gigantic and we too optimistic, so it seemed cleverest to pause it for now.”

She adds that things appear to be changing rapidly in the world of technology and expressed the hope that in the not too distant future there will be a “cheaper way to reprogram” the app.

She expressed heartfelt thanks to all those who contributed to the project and told those who were interested in keeping up with the latest developments on the Biophilia app to email for information.

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