BirdBuggy Helping Pepper The Parrot Get Around

So last week we wrote to you about the New Zealand charity that was teaching dogs to drive cars, but it seems that man’s best friend isn’t the only one in the animal kingdom that can steer a vehicle as Pepper the Parrot proves in this video.

This clip shows Pepper the Parrot driving around in the BirdBuggy that was especially created for him by University of Florida student Andrew Gray.

Ok, so the parrot isn’t actually driving a real car, like the pooches in NZ, but it is still pretty cool to see this little birdy making his way around on his modded vehicle.

Pepper controls the BirdBuggy with a joystick that he moves with his beak. Because parrots don’t really have much road experience, Gray introduced extra safety measures to give Pepper a helping hand. The front wheels have bump sensors that will put the vehicle into reverse if they come into contact with something. The BirdBuggy also has infrared sensors that upon detection of an obstacle will override the joystick – so no matter how bad Pepper’s road rage gets, it won’t allow him to turn into a road hog!

Source: WUFT

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