Bikers Gather & Temporarily Shut Down 10 Freeway For Marriage Proposal In A Cloud Of Pink Smoke!


A huge group of bikers gathered together and temporarily closed down the 10 Freeway in West Covina so one of their biker friends could propose to his girlfriend amidst a cloud of pink smoke!
The proposal took place on Sunday afternoon and videos of it posted to YouTube have become an instant hit, receiving thousands of views.

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) however does not seem too taken aback by the romance of the incident and are investigating!

Officer Jose Barrios said that CHP investigators are reviewing the videos of the proposal and possible citations could include impeding or blocking traffic. The CHP have said that they did not have any reports of accidents caused by the romantic road block but Barrios said; “It’s illegal…They’re not allowed to do that.”

The happy couple, which have been identified by several media outlets as Hector Martinez and Paige Hernandez gave an interview to Power 106 on Monday. They said that they had not yet been contacted by any law enforcement officials over the unusual proposal!

Martinez said he was struck with the idea for the grandiose proposal in October and went about recruiting his biker mates to help. He arranged it so that both families could watch from an overpass, but as far as his girlfriend knew, they were just going out for one of their usual Sunday rides!

Describing the moment when Martinez proposed, Paige Hernandez said:

“When he got off and took off his helmet, that’s when I was confused…I saw everybody on the bridge, so I was like, ‘What’s going on?’”

The road block proposal is not the only unusual freeway incident to have taken place in California this week. Over in Oakland, CHP officers are investigating an incident where several drivers spun donuts into the northbound lanes of interstate 880! Videos of that incident have also gained a lot of attention on YouTube!!

In L.A Barrios said despite the fact that lots of odd things happen on the freeway the motorcycle marriage proposal was definitely a first!

Listen to the marriage proposal interview on Power106 below!

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