Best Halloween Costume Ever For Mom’s To Be

Those ingenious heroes at have featured this brilliant Halloween costume for expecting moms.

If you are one of those pregnant ladies who like the shock factor and won’t let the fact that you are expecting prevent you from dressing up and having some wholesome Halloween fun, then this costume is the one for you. No doubt it will get up right up any prudish noses you pass by, causing all sorts of tuts and disapproving head-shakes, but that makes it even better!

The costume idea was posted by author psychsurf (Jarrod O)who made it for his wife to wear last Halloween. It is incredibly simple to create and won’t cost you an arm and a leg (well, maybe just a second hand dolls arm and leg!)

All you’ll need is a stretchy, spandex –like maternity tank top, which you probably already have anyway, a baby doll that you can pick up for next to nothing at a charity shop or thrift store, some fake blood and a small jack-o-lantern candy bucket.

Amputate the arms from the dolly – Muahahahahaahaha (I don’t like dolls – they are creepy). Then make smaller holes in the top, so that the arms have to be forced through them and are held in place by the material, spray the fake blood on the exit points are there you have it. A candy-hungry baby protruding from the womb to get its paws on some candy!

(Via Instructables)

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