Bert & Ernie Reimagined As A Junkie & Troubled War Vet!

This illustration entitled “Dan LuVisi who has made it his mission in life to turn beloved, innocent popular culture heroes from our childhood into the stuff of nightmares. You may remember we featured his “Popped Culture” series on her just a few days ago that included a devilish Donald Duck, a monstrous Yoshi and blood-hungry Finn.

LuVusi explains the backstory for his reimagined Bert and Ernie, explaining that he pictured Bert as a Marine who left his kid brother Ernie behind and set off for the shores of Vietnam. Whilst Bert is busy battling the Viet Cong, Ernie, missing his brother’s guidance, falls in with the wrong crowd, dealing and using drugs with the some really unsavory characters and committing some terrible sins.

LuVisi says: “Until Bert returned, leaving one war, only to fight another for his brother. Oh man, Ernie. What a psycho.”

I love Bert’s distant, troubled war vet gaze and the cracked-out look in Ernie’s eyes!

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