Beer Glass Concept Design To Stop You Using Your Smartphone At The Pub!

Creative agency Fischer & Friends have designed a unique beer glass intended to combat the problem of people using their smartphones whilst in the pub. Called the “Offline Glass”, it has a groove cut out of the bottom which means it is only stable when resting upon a smartphone!

It is a concept design created for Bar Jorge in Brazil and intended to combat the annoying anti-social behavior of people in a social environment like a pub, who are more interested in checking their Facebook status on their smartphones than interacting with people IRL!

It could also be useful for those amongst us who are prone to the dreaded DUI (Dialing Under the Influence) or sending that horribly embarrassing drunken text!

Of course it’s not without its problems, because as they say, where there’s a will, there’s a way. One could always just hold the glass in one hand, whilst using the other to twat about on Facebook or Twitter. Alternatively (for one-armed bandits), if your that desperate to get on your smartphone, you simply neck the beer and get on with it. There is also the minor issue of condensation dripping off the glass and onto your beloved, expensive device!

Despite its many problems, it’s still an interesting concept, one that makes you think about the effect that the smartphone has upon people’s interactions.

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