Beautifully Detailed Laser-Cut Wood Guns By Laserist

These amazingly detailed laser-cut wooden guns were created by Cary Chleborad of Laserist. They come in several parts that you have to assemble yourself. Once you have completed the complex puzzle and glued all the parts together (hopefully without gluing your fingers together or sticking the bits and bobs to the living room carpet) you will end up with this beautifully crafted wooden gun.

I think they would be awesome if they fired wooden bullets for the budding vampire hunter – but he probably wouldn’t be allowed to sell them on Etsy if they did!

You can get an Uzi, Beretta or a Revolver but if you are not into guns and don’t want your children, teens or spouse playing around with them then the Laserist has a number of different, equally awesome laser-cut items to assemble like trucks, boats and submarines. There is even rather cool laptop and iPad stands available on his Etsy page. Prices differ dependent on the model but they are usually around the $20 mark.

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