Beat Down Boogie’s Mario Warfare Meets Kickstarter Funding Goal

mario warfare

Those of you who saw the article we posted in December about Beat Down Boogie’s live action, military warfare spin on the Super Mario Brothers story and enjoyed the first episode in the web series will be pleased to hear that the Kickstarter project has met its funding target!

YouTubers Beat Down Boogie created Mario Warfare first episode saw the great King of the Mushroom Kingdom missing and presumed dead, Princess Peach in great peril and our two infamous plumbers Mario and Luigi signing up to the call of duty in a bid to protect their home from the dastardly Bowser.

In episode 2, the brothers get their first taste of the action, Luigi shows himself to be headstrong and determined to do his bit for the war effort, whilst a more reluctant Mario shows courage and bravery when faced with no other option. His beloved brother Luigi is kidnapped by the dreaded Hammer Brothers and Mario is the only one who can save his precious meatballs from becoming bolognaised!

The series has been described as “Super Mario Brothers meets Blackhawk Down…With a healthy dose of humor” and it quickly gained a cult internet following.

Beat Down Boogie exhausted their personal funds filming episodes 1 and 2 so they started a Kickstarter project for the $20,000 needed to complete production of the series. It seems like the public want to see this quirky and interesting take on the classic Nintendo characters’ tale because the Kickstarter project has amassed more than $25,000 with 8 days still left to run!

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