Batman Gets His Own Back On Superman!

Of all the superheroes, Batman’s always been always been amongst the most reluctant to play nicely with the other special beings. His isolationist carry on often means he is left battling evil all on his lonesome, but we have it on good authority that that is just how he likes it.

This photograph suggests that Batman might be feeling a little bit neglected about all the fuss Superman’s getting at the moment, what with the imminent release of the Man of Steel blockbuster. And it’s made him a little bit pissy!!

Not only is the Man of Steel getting a lot of hype, but Christopher Nolan who gave us The Dark Knight trilogy cheated on Bruce Wayne and produced it!! Honestly, the audacity of that man, how very dare he?? After everything Batman did for him?!

So Batman’s left to get his own back the only way he knows how, by revealing Superman’s real identity to the world!! I guess even superheroes have their bitchy moments!

Source: Reddit

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