Batman Fanatic Has His Very Own Batcave In The Basement

Check out Chris Weir, 38, a Batman fanatic who has spent over $120,000 on collecting Batman memorabilia and turning his basement into a Batcave!

This dude has an impressive collection, including thousands of comics, a Batman suit from The Dark Knight movies, action figures, posters – the lot. And his awesome Batcave doubles up as a home movie theatre where Chris and his family regularly watch Batman movies and series episodes on an impressive 100inch screen. It’s also got a football table and a functioning bar. Chris said; “I wanted the room to look like something Batman himself would operate in, but it’s all for entertainment purposes.”

Chris has even convinced his family to fall in love with batman too. His kids Zachary, 9, and Daniel, 13, are also big fans of the caped crusader and his wife Joanna thinks the Batcave is really cool and says she is fine with her husband’s Batman obsession as long as he pays the mortgage!

His obsession with Batman started when he was just 3-years-old and he used to play “Batman and Robin” in the yard with his uncle. Throughout his childhood he got the figurines and started collecting the comics and now he’s got his very own Batcave!!

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