If Batman Ever Had a Cozy Coupe as a Kid it Would Look Like This

Did you ever own a Cozy Coupe as a kid? I know I did, and I spent many enjoyable hours driving myself around in that thing, Fred Flintstone style. Well here’s a cool tutorial on how to take your tyke’s Cozy Coupe and Christopher Nolan it.

Courtney, who runs the Sweet C’s Designs blog, had seen images of a Batman Cozy Coupe floating around the internet, but couldn’t find any tutorials to follow. So she took matters into her own hands and made her own Batman Cozy Coupe for her son. Here are the steps she took in her process that anyone can follow.

First of all, you need a kid and a Cozy Coupe.

Once you’ve acquired both, you’re gonna need black spray paint. A lot of it. Courtney recommends Krylon Fusion spray paint, as it “goes on smoothly and sticks to plastic”. Spray painting should take you about five minutes, maybe ten tops. Then you’re going to sit back and wait for it to dry (the blog recommends waiting a couple hours). Next, you’ll need a Batman logo stencil, some tape, and yellow spray paint.

Apparently this step is rather tricky due to the yellow spray paint dripping. Courtney recommends going back and fixing up the black paint with a brush by hand.

Tada! You now have a crazy awesome Cozy Coupe for your kid to enjoy and pretend to be the Dark Knight in!

You can visit Courtney’s blog Sweet C’s Designs for more detailed step by step instructions.

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