China’s Baidu Reported To Be Working On Google Glass Equivalent “Baidu Eye”

Early rumors that China’s Baidu were supposedly working on a Google Glass like device called the “Baidu Eye” have been confirmed by a Baidu representative.

This Baidu representative told TechinAsia that the prototype was in the very early stages of development, but that it was indeed referred to as the “Baidu Eye”.

Citing knowledgeable but anonymous sources, Sina Tech reported that the “Baidu Eye” was a technology that was worn like glasses and featured a LCD display. They claim it has voice control and can recognize images. The Sina Tech report states that these features are in working order, however the style and aesthetics of the product was still in the testing phase. It has also been said that Baidu were working closely with Qualcomm to try and push the battery life up to 12 hours or perhaps even longer.

The “Baidu Eye” is also said to be an application platform that third-party developers will be encouraged to develop apps for and some sources say that Baidu is aspiring to create a wearable technology platform so that numerous companies could release different sorts of wearable tech devices.

There is a still a long time until we see the “Baidu Eye” on the streets of China however and Google Glass will undoubtedly hit the main stream before its Chinese counterpart.

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