Welcome To Bizarro Land – Baby Robot To Teach People How To Treat Their Children

Researchers in Japan have been working on this strange little baby robot called Affetto which can mimic reactions and facial expressions of a toddler.

Affetto was made as part of a study into Cognitive Developmental Robotics, which is a method of using robotics to understand the development of human intelligence. They are hoping that the Affetto project will provide insights into social development between children and their caregivers.

Hisashi Ishihara, Yuichiro Yoshikawa and Prof. Minoru Asada of Osaka University have tried to make Affetto as lifelike and realistic as possible, so that people can interact with him/her/it in the most natural way possible, almost as if it were a real child with a wooden nose that grew when lies were told…

Previous studies like this have been undertaken before, however their results were hindered by the unrealistic nature of the robots used in the research. Those working on this project are hoping that Affetto’s lifelike appearance will help researchers to garner more accurate results.

Check out these videos of Affetto showing that he really does look like a ‘real boy’ except for the fact that he is still just a floating head…Researchers are still working on his body, at least his current caregivers don’t have to fret about him crawling around and putting his sticky mitts in dangerous places.

However if you are planning to be a caregiver for a robot baby we suggest that you don’t watch the clip which features the Affetto’s internal mechanisms…It is a little bit Terminator and it might want to make you want to give your robot baby up for adoption!

Meet Affetto – A Robot With Realistic Facial Expressions (Via Getrobo)

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