Awesome Video Of Parkour Performing Zombies!


Check out this brilliant video entitled “Zombie Parkour – The Flipping Dead” that features some terrifyingly skilled zombies performing parkour!

It was created by Ronnie Shalvis aka Ronnie Street Stunts and he says,

The zombie virus has evolved into a new breed of parkour zombies. No longer do they slumber as the walking dead, they are ferocious and fast, they are the flipping dead.

The video, which was filmed and edited by Josh Kump aka Lunar Bear and features some frighteningly quick and nimble zombies performing parkour through the ruins of a town.

If we are unfortunate enough to face a zombie apocalypse with undead brain eating fiends like the ones featured in this video, our survival strategies might need a serious rethink.

It’s one thing to imagine bashing in their gooey brains with blunt objects when they are all cumbersome and shuffly sloth-like critters, but something completely different to try and evade or take down building-jumping, backflipping, staircase-hopping zombies!! I think our weapons might have to go up a notch and our shooting skills will definitely have to improve, because these undead bastards are really damn quick!!

Right, I’m off to give my zombie apocalypse survival strategy a complete overhaul!

Source: CBS News

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