Awesome Medieval Batman & Aquaman Cosplay From Azmal

Check out these mind-blowingly awesome Medieval Batman and Medieval Aquaman custom leather fantasy armor suits created by Samuel Lee aka Deviant Artist Azmal.

These creations are simply incredible; the amazing detail, the fine artwork, the way in which they resemble the character’s original costumes yet still feel intrinsically medieval is just astounding. I’m a little bit awestruck by them to be honest! This guy has a serious talent!

The Medieval Batman and Aquaman cosplay outfits are part of an ongoing series that Azmal is working on. He has already told eager fans to look out for a Medieval Deadpool, Green Lantern and Loki and said that plans for a Medieval Darth are in the pipeline too. Oh my god, can you imagine how epic his Medieval Darth is going to look?!?!

Azmal accepts commissions, so if you need a beyond awesome cosplay outfit like this in your life, then you are in luck! Check out his Deviant Artist page for more information and contact details.

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  • Llynok

    I saw that Aquaman at MegaCon 2013. I was stunned.

  • mojo

    Good luck swimming underwater in that metal death trap

  • Kwess Chin

    Batman meets Nazgul

  • Biff

    Batman looks like he’s wearing an Ebony Helmet from Skyrim

  • Victoria

    Aquaman! Quick, get your harpoon! There be a whale behind you!

  • BBakeca

    Interesting post!

  • lawlercopter

    I like the fat chick