Awesome Custom Made D20 Engagement Ring For Secret D&D Proposal

When Babelglyph decided that the time was right to propose to her girlfriend, she was adamant on finding a ring that suited her partner – something she could proudly wear all the time, rather than just your run-of-the-mill engagement ring.

Because Babelglyph and her girlfriend both play Dungeons and Dragons, she decided on a ring that held a twenty-sided die rather than a diamond.

So she set about doodling some designs for the ring and eventually found a jeweler that would create it for her, within what she called her “meager grad-student budget”.

The ring itself was sterling silver with a metal d20 harvested from a Chessex miniature metal polyhedral dice set. It had two 3mm man-made alexandrites and ended up costing about $400. Babelglyph said; “The most important thing for me was that the ring looked like a real ring, not a novelty or a toy—going to a professional jeweler gave me the results I wanted.”

She got a friend to create a chainmail ring box for the custom made jewelry to complete the D&D touch and was ready to go.

The whole process, from consultation to the finished product lasted about 3 months, after that Babelglyph just had to pick the right time to propose. The couple has a long-distance relationship, so she chose a time when her girlfriend was coming down to visit and sat in on her regular D&D session. It was after the game that she popped the big question, stating that it would “work thematically with the d20 ring.”

She handed her mobile to a friend who captured the moment on camera and despite being so nervous that she put the ring on the wrong hand, it all went according to plan. You can see from her girlfriend’s face in the heartwarming clip that she loved the unique ring design and now Babelglyph is working with the same jeweler to design a matching one for herself.

Babelglyph shared her story on and in the comments she said; “One of the main reasons I wanted to tell our story (apart from showing off the awesomeness of the ring, that is) is so I can encourage other people to look into custom jewelry. Especially if you are flexible on materials (sterling silver instead of gold, synthetic gemstones instead of natural) it can be surprisingly affordable.”

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