Awesome Cat Tights That Are All The Rage In Japan!

Check out these awesome “cat tights” that are currently all the rage in Japan. This adorable hosiery features two cutesy cat faces on the front, appearing just above the knee and has little cat tails on the back – making them the perfect fashion accessory for feline fanatics. If worn with high boots, they would give the appearance that the kitteh is peeking out over the top of them. Puss in Boots style!

Cat tights aren’t really a new invention in the fashion world, but the adorableness of this pair and the clever design has captured the attention of Japanese females and they are proving to be remarkably popular! The item, which is being sold by online fashion retailers RyuRyu for 350 yen ($3.50) has received some very favorable comments, with women falling over themselves to compliment them and express how cute and adorable they think they are!

As with most things though, not everyone is so taken by the hype, with one internet user posturing that the tights might not look so great when worn by someone who hasn’t got the slender legs of a fashion model and the poor cat’s face gets all distorted and shit! I suppose they’ve got a point, no one really wants to walk around with a mangled-looking cat on their knees, but it’s still an incredibly cool fashion item!

Source: RocketNews24

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