Australian Retailer Introduces ‘Tax’ For Customers Using Internet Explorer 7

In an obscure yet interesting move designed to deter their customers from using Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) Australian online retailer has introduced a ‘tax’ for customers who want to use the outdated browser! It is the first time a ‘tax’ has been put on a particular type of internet browser!

This ‘tax’ will start at 6.8% on every purchase and the way the company came up with that figure was by multiply 0.1% for every month that has gone by since IE7 was launched in 2006! An additional 0.1% will be added to that figure as each month passes!

Chief executive of the company Ruslan Kogan explained the reasoning behind this surcharge to the BBC. He said that he did it in an attempt to try and get back some of the time and money that it cost his company to render the “website into an antique browser”. According to Kogan, though only a miniscule 3% of his clientele used IE7, it took his web team the same amount of time to make the site function properly in IE7 as it did to get it working properly on Firefox, Chrome and Safari combined.

Kogan doesn’t actually think that anyone is likely to pay the extra cost that he has affixed to IE7 and has put it in place to encourage IE7 users to upgrade to a more modern version of the browser or use a different one!

Normally customers aren’t too pleased with charges of this kind, however Kogan said his customers were very happy and that some had even praised him for the innovative move! One customer even tweeted him saying: “Love your IE7 tax. I hope it becomes effective”

Though I don’t like taxes as much as the next guy, this is a distinctively smooth move! I must admit, I like this guy’s style.

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