Artist Rutherford Chang & His Insanely Huge Collection Of The Beatles’ White Album

Rutherford Chang
image via Dust & Grooves

Artist Rutherford Chang has spent the last 7 years (and god knows how much money) buying up every copy of the Beatles’ 1968 self titled album and currently has 699 copies!!

The album is generally referred to as The White Album, because of the iconic, virtually featureless cover design that was created by artist Richard Hamilton.

The album’s white cover almost always displays tell-tale signs of age and general weathering, in some cases they even display artistic alterations and doodles given to them by their former owners.

Rutherford Chang1
image via Rutherford Chang

Chang’s collection is entitled “We Buy White Albums” and the installation is on display at the Recess Gallery in New York City. It is set up in much the same way as a record store, complete with bins organized by serial number. Chang himself hovers around hoping to purchase yet more copies of The White Album, but on no occasion does he ever sell any of his precious records.

Rutherford Chang2
image via Dust & Grooves

Chang is also in the process of recording the albums in his gigantic collection and layering them digitally to make scratchy compilations, like this one here which features 100 copies played simultaneously.

I like a great deal of odd and unusual art so I’m definitely not judging, dissing, mocking or cussing, but I am compelled to ask one question. Why?

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