‘Anti-Loneliness Ramen Bowl’ That Turns Your Smartphone Into A Dinner Date!


For those people out there who find eating alone depressing MisoSoupDesign has created this “Anti-loneliness ramen bowl.”

The idea is that those poor souls who aren’t fortunate to enjoy noodles with other living beings, can at least enjoy the company of their smartphone while they eat.

The smartphone sits in the slightly elevated section of the bowl – which also works as an amplification speaker, as I guess the more noisy eaters out there will need the added volume to drown out all the slurping going on.


The ‘Anti-loneliness ramen bowl’ was created by Daisuke Nagatomo and Jan Minnie and we imagine that as well as providing companionship for lonely people, it will also be a useful product for those who find it hard to be away from their smartphones – even during a meal! With it, you can watch cat videos, surf the net, post pictures of your grub on Instagram, browse Facebook or even video chat (because we are sure your mates want to see right inside your mouth as you suck up those noodles!)

I’d be a little worried about soy sauce splashback getting into my smartphone’s important bits, wouldn’t you? Also, absent-minded folk will need to be careful to ensure that they remember to remove their device from the bowl before placing it in the washing up basin otherwise the whole affair will end in tears!

According to MisoSoupDesign’s Facebook page the “Anti-loneliness ramen bowl” is still in the prototype phase of development. So if this is up your street, you might have to wait awhile before you can add it to your crockery collection!

Personally I don’t think eating alone is all that bad (unless it’s in a restaurant – that’s not so much fun) drinking alone is far more depressing, so I wonder how long it will be before someone comes up with an anti-loneliness beer pitcher or vodka tumbler?

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