Another Movie About John McAfee In The Making


Last week we wrote about the news that Warner Bros studio had purchased the rights to the Wired feature on eccentric, formerly-on-the-run, antivirus mogul John McAfee entitled ‘John McAfee: The Last Stand’ and were considering turning the 67-year-old incredibly bizarre exploits into a movie. Warner Bros. have reportedly hired John Requa and Glenn Ficarra (who worked on ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’) to write, direct and produce the big screen adaptation which will be based on Joshua Davis’ Wired article.

But it seems that Warner Bros. aren’t the only ones eager to get McAfee’s tale into the cinemas as Montreal’s Impact Future Media announced this week that they would be partnering with Equinoxe Films (also from Montreal) to create a John McAfee biopic of their own.

The Impact Future Media biopic has been approved by John McAfee himself and is reported to be budgeted at $28 million. It has been tentatively titled ‘Running in the Background: The True Story of John McAfee’ although that may yet be subject to change.

It is clear that McAfee isn’t too keen on the Warner Bros. movie stealing the thunder of the one that he has approved with the Canadian companies. In an email interview with the Canadian publication, The Globe and Mail, he said he wouldn’t be losing any sleep over the Joshua Davis movie, stating: “Josh does not know my story, and neither he nor Wired or Warner Bros. for that matter own my intellectual property. Impact Future Media has the story and [those rights], and they are the only company that has the permission to do a movie.”

In the same interview McAfee speculated on which actor he would like to see portray him on the big screen and which director he’d like at the helm.

Apparently McAfee would very much like to see Hollywood heroes Christian Bale, Johnny Depp or Mickey Rourke don his persona for the movie. As for directors, it is clear he wants the best, saying “Martin Scorsese or James Cameron would be wonderful, in a perfect world.”

After spending the last few months on the run from Belizean authorities, McAfee seems to have settled down in Portland, where he has said he will stay for a year or two. As well as busying himself with the movie adaptations about his unusual life, McAfee has also speculated that he might well open a school of social engineering. Stating: “The McAfee School of Social Engineering has a nice ring to it. Beyond that, it is hard to say what life will bring my way.”

He claims that his offer of a $25,000 reward (in Belize currency) to anyone who could conclusively identify his neighbor Gregory Faull’s killer is still standing and he claims that he is also willing to talk to the Belizean authorities about the incident.
Because McAfee was never formally charged with Faull’s murder, just named as a “person of interest” in the inquiry, the Central American country really has no legal leverage to fight for his extradition. McAfee knows this and states “I’m definitely not hiding.”
Which McAfee movie do you think will be a bigger box office hit, Warner Bros. or Future Impact Media? Leave a comment and let us know.

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