Anonymous Crowdsource $54,798 Via Indiegogo For Your Anon News

The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign launched by hacktivist organization Anonymous to gather the funds for a news site called Your Anon News has closed. The campaign raised $54,798, way over their initial target of $2,000.

Anonymous hoped to raise the funds in order to expand their news coverage with a specific site rather than using their existing Twitter and Tumblr accounts. The funds they amassed will be used to pay for the development process and hosting.

Once it is up and running Your Anon News will feature breaking news, blogs and reports from independent reporters. Their original campaign video stated that the site would provide a place for people on the ground or “citizen journalists”, enabling them to livestream events in real time.

Anonymous has a great deal of public support, so it was a given really that they would raise the $2,000 target and many people are really excited about the prospect of their new news site! It has the potential to be like nothing the internet has seen before!

These days, Anonymous feature regularly in the mainstream media as their hacktivist exploits garner a lot of attention. They have been heavily involved in a number of high profile exploits including their opposition to the Westboro Baptist Church, their hacking of several North Korean sites and their campaign for justice for late internet activist Aaron Swartz.

They have often spoken out and criticized the mainstream media, partly because of its traditional structure, but also for publishing what they say is “political and celebrity gossip”.

Backers who pledged to the Indiegogo Your Anon News campaign should expect to receive their perks (t-shirts, mugs, buttons etc) by June.

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