Anonymous Attack Dragon Mart In A Bid To Stop Cancun Construction


Underground hacktivist group Anonymous has set their sights on stopping the construction of a Dragon Mart in Cancun, Mexico.

In protest against the Dragon Mart, Anonymous started #OpDragon on Monday and has already targeted several connected websites including Quintana Roo’s government websites and Dragon Mart sites.

They also managed to hack the sites and, where they posted a “this is just a warning” message that claimed they had managed to access the private information of thousands of Dragon Mart users.

Good day DRAGONMART, we have in our power a database of all your clients, we don’t want to be rude but GET OUT OF MEXICO!!! We invite you to get off our land and our beautiful country, we will publish your stupid security data we have in our power over 80,000 Pay Pal records that buy on your Online store and we leave you with proof of the trust that your clients deposited in you in 2012, logins, passwords, this is the power of the hive, it’s not a root, not a deface, it’s a warning, get out!!! or this will get ugly!!

#FreeSec y @SectorLeaks_404

The huge retail complex is scheduled to be built on a 1,376 acre natural reserve and as well as the environmental concerns, there are also worries that it will take business away from local traders leaving them crippled and unable to function. Many also fear that the Dragon Mart construction will irreparably harm a nearby coral reef and cause widespread ecological damage to the area.

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