Nine Animals That Look Like Next Generation Pokemon: ZOMG NATURE

animals that look like pokemon

Pokemon need not be a figment of our imaginations any longer, since mother nature has blessed this green earth with abominations that look like they could hit each other for our enjoyment!  All of these animals look like they could be new Pokemon, and none of them are photoshopped or doctored in any way.  Some are adorable, some are repulsive and make me throw up in my mouth a little bit less attractive than others, but they all look like they could show up in the next generically named game.  Quick – Game Freak – throw another dart at that random list of colors and minerals!  *Blindfolded man in Japan throwing knives at the wall*

1.  Venezuelan Poodle Moth

animals that look like pokemon

Suggested Pokemon Name(s): Fuzziny, Mopsforhands, Antenlywing

The Venezuelan Poodle Moth is the first animal on this list of critters that look like new Pokemon, and I have to say – this guy is one striking fellow.  Definitely a bug type Pokemon; perhaps one of those that is completely useless and was only invented to tick you off as you try to travel through a forest in tall grass.  IF ANOTHER WILD METAPOD APPEARS, I’M PULLING OUT THE SHOTGUN.

2.  Chromodoris Willani Sea Slug

animals that look like pokemon

Suggested Pokemon Name(s): Mantia, Flydion, Slugly

Perhaps the last name that I suggested for this animal that looks like a Pokemon is not as fitting as I had first thought.  The Chromodoris Willani sea slug deserves something majestic, since this would probably be some type of Legendary Pokemon.  Most likely, it would be water or dragon type, though I could also understand any claims made in favor of the psychic realm.  I would also vote to forgo evolution abilities, since this slug looks epic enough as it is.

3.  Glaucus Atlanticus Sea Slug

animals that look like pokemon

Suggested Pokemon Name(s): DragoEATYOURFACE

Only one potential name for this animal that looks like a Pokemon needed to be suggested, since I hit a winner on the first try.  It’s just the kind of idea that makes you scream YES when it comes to you.  Fun fact: this guy can eat an entire Portuguese Man O’ War.  Doesn’t look so harmless now, does he?

4.  Blobfish

animals that look like pokemon

Suggested Pokemon Name(s): Pooldon, Mushly

The Blobfish is perhaps the most unfortunate of the world’s creatures.  It looks quite repulsive, lives in desolate ocean locations, and doesn’t do much other than look like an ugly piece of flesh.  Read: what the school lunches used to look like if you left them in the sun for a couple of minutes.

5.  Angora Rabbit

animals that look like pokemon

Suggested Pokemon Name(s): Bunhairdle, Cototon

The Angora Rabbit would undoubtedly be a normal type Pokemon, and I would only allow it to learn one move: rollout.  For whatever reason, this just seemed like a fitting skill to apply to the Angora Rabbit!  This would also be a Pokemon that makes people groan when it evolves, since the thing would look exactly the same after levels sixteen and thirty two, with two slight differences: each evolution makes it increase exponentially in size, and each evolution accentuates a “bloodshot eyes” effect that eventually renders it looking like the monster from Monty Python.

6.  Ribbon Seal

animals that look like pokemon

animals that look like pokemon

Suggested Pokemon Name(s): Sealipe, Striperoll

The Ribbon Seal looks like it could be a basic Ice type Pokemon that gains a lot of power with evolution – right now, it seems rather plain, but with Blizzard, Ice Beam, and Body Slam, you could have a formidable opponent on your hands.  Not to mention an adorable hugging machine.  Forget battling, my Ribbon Seal, we’re going to sell your hugs to the small children for exorbitant prices.

7.  Fennec Fox

animals that look like pokemon

Suggested Pokemon Name(s): Earlise, Crunkle, Foxiand

I’ve already got the Fennec Fox pinned in terms of its place in the new Pokemon games: it’s the only reason the developers created that old man who runs the day care.  You want this little guy to be powerful, but a tiny piece of your heart breaks off every time he faints, so you just leave him in the day care and change the clock on your device four hundred years forward and hope you have enough money to buy him back.

8.  Elephant Shrew

animals that look like pokemon

Suggested Pokemon Name(s): Pinkley

Pinkley fits the Elephant Shrew like a glove fits on OJ Simpson’s hand when it isn’t contorted due to arthritis.  This Pokemon would either be fire or ground type, though I’m leaning more towards fire for some reason.  Headbutt would undoubtedly be in the basic move repertoire, though a “Leer” would be added in the early levels due to the incredible size of those eyes.  Adorable, to say the least, death by asphyxiation induced by powerful hugging to say the most.  “Just always say the least.  Actually, just don’t say anything at all.  Be silent.”

9.  Axolotl

animals that look like pokemon

Suggested Pokemon Name(s): Fingler, Gilstrain

Axolotl has “water Pokemon” written all over him, so there’s no debate to be had about that.  As I am writing this post, I am realizing that this animal actually looks a lot like Wooper.  As in, eerie similarity.

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