Angry “Obama Was Re-Elected” Woman Gets An Orchestra To Accompany Rant

Yesterday we posted an article about the hilarious drunken rant made by staunch Republican ShellymicAB in her anger after hearing that Barack Obama had been re-elected.

ShellymicAB’s rant has become something of a viral sensation since it was uploaded, but it wasn’t because people who agreed with her ideology shared it, in fact it was more like the opposite with people just queuing up to poke fun and giggle at this woman’s many preposterous notions.

Now Ethan Persoff has put an orchestra behind her foul-mouthed tirade and put it up on the Free Music Archive. Like the original piece, the language in this is also NSFW.

Persoff’s piece is entitled “Obama Was Re-Elected, Woman Pissed (with orchestra)” and since being uploaded on to the FMA site on 8th November 2012 it has been listened to nearly 20,000 times. It is weird how the orchestra seems to compliment her obscure rant!

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